Jonathan Baptistella

About me


About Jonathan

I am an interaction designer who live in Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil. I previously worked at Seeview as project manager. I come from one of the most technology hungry countries in the world and I have a wide range of experience. I can help you with “best practices” on how to embrace new technology.

I believe that people is the key in any business, because without people in the business, the business is an empty shell. I succeeded as a founder of a cloud company and I believe in a cloud based future for tablets and mobile devices. It needs special attention to create a good product with a good “feel” for human interaction.

I think the user's experience reach further than technology. It is about the complete experience. If you have a shop and a web shop, then your shops should feel and be recognized as your existing brand. In a world with very much commercial noise, it is crucial to stay competitive with the best product and experience.

I have high expectations from technology and myself. I like to work with people in teams and sometimes outside the office. I stay up to date by listening to people with fresh clear messages. I like meetings with good dialog and high productivity. I love a good cup of Brazilian coffee. Let us talk more over one @jonabaptistella.