Jonathan Baptistella

Client Screener

HI! If you’re here it’s probably because you bought my book and read all the way to page 18, where I promised you a screener for ferreting out whether you’re talking to the right clients or not. Well, here it is. I really hope you’re enjoying the book. Much like antibiotics though, you need to get all the way to the end before you’re cured, so keep reading. —Mike Monteiro


What is the primary business and structure of your business/organization?

Summarize the project

Is this a redesign of something that exists or designing something new?

What are your major goals for this project?

Where do you see us adding the most value/complementing your existing team?

Who will be working on this project from your end? Will any additional outside partners or agencies be involved and how?

What is motivating you or enabling you to do this project now?

When does our work need to be finished? What is your target total completion date? What is driving that?

What is most important about this project?

How important is each of these?

Change in company strategy
Rebranding/New image/Look and feel
Engineering/Backend development
Improving key metrics/Quantifying success or results/Conversion
Content strategy/writing
Understanding your audience or organization
Getting it done as fast as possible
Getting it done as inexpensively as possible
Differentiating from competition
Reach new audience
Better demonstrate value or correct misconceptions
Working relationship/communication with your design partner
Who is/are your audience/your target users/your customers?
What does success look like? How will you know this project has succeeded?

What are you worried about? What do you imagine going wrong?

Is there anything about your organization that might make this project easier or harder in any specific ways?

What is your budget range?

What does the selection process look like on your end? How many people are you talking to and when do you expect to be making a decision?