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What’s a design intensive?


Design intensives are perfect for you if you’re looking for a quick and effective way to turn your vision into a concrete visual. They’re also great for existing websites where you wonder, “How could this be done better?” Or even taking an existing mock-up that’s simply ok but needs to be great.

Your Design Intensive includes:

  • One or two skype brainstorming sessions.
  • A strategy/planning document (typically 3-4 pages).
  • A single design for a single page on your website —delivered as a mockup for you and a PSD file for your designer/programmer.

I work with you to figure out the site design and functionality, and formulate a plan for newsletters, product/service sales, self-publishing. I’ll even suggest who you should hire to program the site or help with content creation.

What I don’t do: Programming, illustration, technical stuff or mock-up revisions.

One Mockup + One Week = $3000


You pick a page (typically the homepage or sales/landing page) that you want a design or redesign for.
We talk goals, sitemap, colours, fonts, content.

I design a single page mock-up and give it to you in multiple formats (for another designer or programmer to work from easily). It’s accompanied by some implementable strategy notes and ideas.

If you need a recommendation for other designers, programmers and content professionals—I’m happy to provide those. You also get a list of my recommended products/services to use for hosting, mailing lists, self-publishing and e-commerce.

Problem Solving (Day 1)

We review your goals, your audience and what you want people to do on your website.

Specifics (Day 2)

We go over the sitemap and what your mockup might require, including navigation, calls to action, photography, graphics, etc. You also provide content and imagery. We determine which page you’d like me to design (e.g. homepage, blog post, product page or sales page).

Design + Strategy Document (Day 3-4)

I use all the content and information to design the mockup.

Delivery (Day 5)

I deliver a retina-friendly, well-labelled Photoshop file (PSD) along with a build + launch strategy document outlining what needs to be done to launch the website (including social media, mailing lists, ecommerce, self-publishing notes). I also provide recommendations for programmers and copywriters and third-party services (hosting, mailing lists, e-commerce).

I am currently taking on a very limited number of design intensives.

Email me to book one, talk scheduling, learn more or see some examples.

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